Although there is a coronavirus crisis globally right now, the mandatory quarantine has actually rekindled the flame back with couples as most couples have to spend a lot of time at home… and in the bedroom!

  • The importance of intimacy in a relationship

Indeed, many couples have leveraged this period of time as an opportunity to build stronger emotional connections, improve the quality of intimacy in bed and work on their romantic relationships in general. Clearly, it can be seen that switched-on couples know how to make the most of the mandatory quarantine. And right now a lot of people just wanna skip the games and have some fun!

Obviously, intimacy is the most important aspect of a relationship and it takes a lot of quality time in order to take intimacy to the next level in the bedroom. Currently, we do have a large amount of time at home, so some couples even spend the whole day in the bedroom – the foreplay can last for hours, which helps couples to explore their sexuality truly, madly, deeply.

  • How to make the most of quarantine

There are three pillars of a relationship: 1) intimacy; 2) emotional connection; 3) mutual benefits. In terms of intimacy, apart from spending time together, you may even consider investing in the quality of intimacy. For example, you can read an eBook about how to talk dirty in bed. Or you may study an online program about how to make your partner sexually addicted to you!

Besides, this is also a fantastic period of time for you to strengthen the emotional connection with your partner. Can you learn something together and have some shared experiences? How about learning how to play a musical instrument on the Internet and support each other along the way?

Last but not least, when we talk about mutual benefits in a relationship, we actually refer to money in a relationship if we can use plain English! I understand that the current economy isn’t ideal, but statistics don’t apply to the individual. By that I mean COVID-19 may take away your resources, but it can’t take away your resourcefulness, okay? It’s time to figure out a better career plan or how to pivot!