For those of you who are not just looking to skip games and enjoy casual hookups, I’d like to introduce a useful concept to you: a bona fide relationship. Basically, it means in a relationship, if two people have the same relationship goals and have the same levels of interest in each other, that is a bona fide relationship. Otherwise, it’s not.

  • Can casual dating result in a bona fide relationship?

Yes, it certainly can!

Let’s look at these two scenarios below:

  1. Jennifer is dating David. They see each other once a fortnight when David comes to Jennifer’s city for a business trip. Both Jennifer and David know this isn’t a long-term relationship, so they are enjoying the current fun! In this situation, Jennifer and David have a bona fide relationship. 😉
  1. Tom is dating Kendall. They see each other once a week. They don’t know where this relationship is going, because Tom just wants to see where things go as time goes by, but Kendall wants to get married soon. Kendall is very crazy about Tom; however, Tom doesn’t see Kendall as a long-term girlfriend. This is not a bona fide relationship.
  • Are all long-term relationships bona fide relationships?

Sadly, the answer is no.

Let me explain this by providing you with a true story:

Emerald and Steve are married, so obviously, they are in a long-term relationship. Nevertheless, Steve’s goal is to use Emerald for a permanent visa in the United States, while Emerald’s goal is to stay married forever. Meanwhile, they never talk about what they actually want from this marriage. So, as I’m typing this article right now, they are considering getting a divorce.

Apparently, Emerald and Steve don’t have a bona fide relationship because: 1) they have very different relationship goals; 2) their levels of interest in each other are probably quite different, too.

Having said that, most long-term relationships are actually bona fide relationships; therefore, please have faith in long-term dating!