Are you looking for a casual relationship but don’t know where to start? That’s something most people grapple with. Well, let’s get down to business then. Here are the top 6 tips & tricks for handling casual relationships. Keep these in mind the next time when you’re out there, swiping right on Tinder. They’ll come in handy, I promise you!

  1. Effective Communication Is Important

If you’re just searching for someone who can be your friend between 2 AM and 4 AM, it’s best not to match with dudes who are looking for serious relationships on OkCupid. Dr. Paulette Sherman, a psychologist, advises people to be direct and honest. Inform them that you are only looking for some fun as of now and aren’t on the lookout for a committed relationship. You can also tell them why that is, if you’re okay with revealing the reasons.

  1. Establish clear boundaries and never violate them

While I don’t think this is something that has to be said, let me just put it out there: If you’re going out with someone more than three times in a week & spending the entire night with them, that’s no longer a casual relationship. Establish a clear routine. Some would like to see their partners on weekends or Fridays, says Sherman. However, if you’re spending days on end together and having brunch with your partner’s parents, that’s a serious relationship, she says.

  1. Go out with other people too

I understand why people are reluctant to try this – Even I’m scared that one day, I’ll ask Paul (who has a really bad dog allergy) from OKCupid about how his dachshund is doing, only to remember a second later that the dog actually belongs to Frank from Bumble. However, dating others can help you keep stuff casual, Sherman says. Plus, I assure you, if you cannot remember their allergies, you definitely won’t be in love with them any time soon either.

  1. Don’t get jealous!

This one’s pretty important. It is a natural feeling to become jealous if you see your casual partner hanging out with someone who isn’t you. However, don’t forget – This is something you chose for yourself. There is a lot of gray area involved in dating someone compared to normal relationships. Therefore, it ain’t a direct hit on you in case you come across something that ties up your stomach in knots for a few moments.

  1. Ensure that both of you have the same policy regarding sex

It is important that you have these crucial conversations first thing in the relationship. If you decide to enter a casual relationship, ask them about taking a test. Sherman also recommends that you first ask yourself how important sex is to you. Be honest with them about whether you plan to have sex or not. Casual dating most definitely does not include having to be casual regarding your sexual health, okay? Make sure you use condoms (Try out the sexier ones if you’re into it, eh?) And always use casual apps like skip the games when looking for these types of relationships!